Contest rules
  1. The contest

    From 16 August 2006 until 27 August 2006, Delta Air Transport NV, trading as SN Brussels Airlines, with registered office at Koloniënstraat 11, B-1000 Brussels (hereinafter "SN") organizes a contest, in cooperation with Virgin Express, Brussels Airport, Building 116 at B-1820 Melsbroek.
    These rules describe the course of the contest and determine the conditions for participating in it.
  2. Conditions for participation

    This contest is open to all individuals, excluding personnel of the marketing divisions of SN and of Virgin Express and the management of SN and Virgin Express and any individuals involved in the organization of the contest, as well as family members of the aforementioned individuals.

    Minors may participate in the competition provided that they were permitted to do so beforehand by their parents (or by the person exercising parental authority). Participation by a minor infers that he/she, has received the necessary permission. SN retains the right to request written confirmation of such permission at any time, and to prevent any minor from participating in the contest who is unable to produce such proof of permission immediately or within a reasonable period of time to be determined by SN. 
  3. Course of the contest

    SN invites everyone (who complies with the participation conditions) to vote for one of the 25 selected designs, submitted at the occasion of the "Tailor Made" contest held from 14 July 2006 till 08 August 2006 via
  4. Participating

    As from 16 August 2006, participation is possible by completing your personal details (name, first name, date of birth, address and phone number) on the participation form that is available on the website and voting for 1 of the 25 designs and to answer a question about SN Brussels Airlines and a tiebreaker question. Each person can only vote once.

    Vote and answers to the questions have to be received by SN at the latest on 27 August 2006. Any dispute regarding the time of receipt of a participation shall be solved on the basis of the time of receipt as registered by the SN server. Incomplete participation forms and designs in other than the aforementioned formats shall not be considered eligible.

    One can only participate in the contest on one’s personal behalf and participation can under no circumstances involve more than one person.
  5. Winners

    Winners will be defined after closure of the contest period. These will be the submitter of the selected design with the highest number of votes and the participant/voter with the right answer on the SN question and the answer on the tiebreaker question closest to the correct one.

    In case of ex-aequo winner will be nominated after a draw.

    The winners shall be informed by e-mail at the e-mail address provided on the participation form. The winners shall by e-mail be informed of the practical information regarding the reservation of their prize.
  6. The prize

    Each winner is entitled to 5 (five) Economy return tickets between Zaventem and a European destination that shall be part of SN or Virgin Express destinations between 01 April 2007 and 31 December 2007 (hereinafter "the Tickets").

    The Tickets shall be valid for 5 people (friends, family, acquaintances, neighbours, … at the choice of the winner) who travel together on the same flight. The Tickets are valid for a return flight between 01 April 2007 and 31 December 2007. The Tickets shall not be valid on code-share flights operated by partner airlines (no flight numbers SN 5…). The effective dates of the outward and inward flight shall depend on the availability on the requested flights in classes V up to L (limited availability during long week-ends and school holidays). Airport taxes and surcharges shall be at the expense of the winner and shall be paid by credit card upon reservation of the Tickets.

    SN does not make any promise or provide any guarantee regarding the prize. The General Conditions of Carriage that apply to SN flight tickets also apply to the Tickets. The General Conditions of Carriage are available at The Tickets cannot be divided and once they have been booked they cannot be changed. If on the flight chosen by the winner, in accordance with the present conditions, the winner has not booked all Tickets, the unused Tickets shall expire. Tickets shall not be exchangeable for a sum of money and shall not be eligible for Privilege miles.
  7. Acceptance of the present contest rules

    By participating a participant is held to have fully and unconditionally accepted the current contest rules. The results, any decision taken by the jury or the Tickets cannot be challenged for any reason whatsoever. No correspondence shall be entered into regarding the result of the contest.
  8. Interpretation of the present contest rules

    Any dispute regarding the interpretation of the present contest rules, as well as any situation that has not being dealt with by the present rules shall be decided by an internal jury composed by SN and no appeal shall be possible against the decision of this jury.

    SN shall not respond to any written, telephone or verbal question regarding the interpretation or the application of the present contest rules, the course of the contest or regarding the list of participants or winners.
  9. Control of the correct application of the contest rules

    The winners, participants and voters agree with every verification concerning their identity or place of residence communicated. Every false or incorrect communication of identity or (electronic or postal) address will automatically be eliminated from participation. Every submission of incorrect or incomplete data will automatically result in the elimination of the vote.
  10. Limitation of SN's responsibility

    SN has the right to postpone the contest, adapt it or cancel it in case of force majeure or as a result of any reason beyond the control of SN (such as, but not limited to, a technical incident related to a defect of the used IT system, fraudulent access to the IT system, a dysfunction, an interruption or speed reduction of the telecommunication network). In the same way SN cannot be held responsible for any problem of transfer of the design or personal data via the Internet or for problems that are inherent to electronical data transmission and which would prevent (valid) participation.
  11. Privacy protection

    SN cares about the protection of your privacy. The personal data collected from a participant in the context of the contest are processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  12. Use of the website

    The use of the website is subject to the Terms of Use of the website (which are available via hyperlink at the bottom of the web page
  13. No violation of law

    In the event that any term of these contest rules shall be illegal, void or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever such term shall be deemed to be separable from the contest rules and have no effect whatsoever upon the binding force or effectiveness of the other provisions hereof.

    Any illegal, void or unenforceable term shall be interpreted and/or replaced by valid and enforceable terms whose goal and effects are the same, or equivalent, or the closest to those of the original term.
  14. Governing law and form

    These contest rules shall be governed by Belgian law, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. The participant agrees that any action at law or in equity regarding his/her participation to the contest or regarding these contest rules shall be filed only before the Courts of Brussels (Belgium) and the participant hereby consents and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of such Court for the purposes of litigating such action.